Director's Message


It is not a miracle to walk on water but to walk on earth with fulfilling every task in a perfect way is a real miracle. I began with the thought of doing the tasks and creating a good position for the company but as the company started , I realizes that doing a task is just a function but making a work is much more intriguing because it involves integrity, commitment, faith and hard work, Hardcastles stand on firm grounds and to make this Hardcastle an entity required much more than just dreams, it demanded a team of equally dedicated mad people and fortunately I found them and that was the fast step towards the pinnacle.

In this short journey, I have experienced that hardware of body needs software of imagination and just like any computer, systems cannot work unless compatible. The heart of the matter is intangible and matter of the heart has to be stable and that is the reason we describe ourselves as Compatible, intangible and stable and with the forthcoming opportunities We believe that we can grow only if we let our clients grow because it is the most natural law that what you sow will grow. Hence in a long range and during the coming times we may change but only to server better.

Swapnil M Jadhav
Founder & Director
Hardcastle GIS Solutions