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GIS is all about location and location is fundamental to success in real estate. By analyzing data around locations, real estate professionals can target properties to match exact specifications and deliver the answers needed to make the most intelligent choices, so the use of GIS is a natural match for all aspects of real estate business.GIS technology provides commercial and residential real estate companies with the information they need to analyze market potential and trends that are associated with their customers’ needs.

On a more local scale, GIS can be used to assist real estate agents and their clients to examine neighborhood characteristics and calculate livability indices such as walkability scores and transportation scores.

Real estate brokers and appraisers use GIS to accurately analyze commercial properties and its attributes through demographics, aerial photographs, traffic counts, shopping center usage, merchandise potential and competitive influence.

Brokers, appraisers, and marketers need to analyze commercial real estate and retail markets in the most accurate way possible. This pressure has become even greater in light of market slowdowns and tightened financial markets—there is no room for error.

  • Map locations and see what is nearby.
  • Identify neighborhoods with particular characteristics.
  • Identify best locations for construction sites.
  • Identify market potential of commercial sites.
  • Perform site analysis and its comparisons.
  • Access detailed census data to explore neighborhoods.
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