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80% of decision made in hospitals has spatial or location component to it.

GIS is useful for timely, accurate, relevant information in order to deliver effective, high-quality services. GIS for hospitals is also useful in marketing and strategic planning, safety, and community relations.

Our customers in the healthcare sector use location in key strategic areas to

  • Understand the overall health and morbidity of a population in any area.
  • Analyze health care coverage to identify gaps or inefficiencies in services offered.
  • Match their network of healthcare specialists and providers to the needs of the population.
  • Offer members, patients and others "provider-locator" applications to help locate and select healthcare providers.
  • Choose optimal locations for new hospitals, outpatient clinics or offices.
  • Deliver in-home medical services more efficiently.


  • Facility Mapping
  • Diseases Mapping
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