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Logistics challenges always seem to have a location component don’t they? Typically it’s something in location A…that really needs to be in location B. Things get complicated when we add in special requirements like time, route, or cost.

Hardcastle specializes in making these challenges easy to overcome by creating an Integrated Logistic Environment (ILE) where asset management, operational visibility and advanced location-based analytics are combined to achieve interactive execution tools to power all levels of your logistics enterprise. With your business becoming more location-aware, you will be equipped to have a better understanding of where your customers and suppliers are. This can improve the efficiency of your business and give you an advantage over your competitors.

Using location analytics tools to analyze your logistics network from end-to-end allows your company to become more spatially aware. Whether you are a retail supply chain looking to optimize routing of your goods from the distribution center to your stores, or perhaps you are freight or Less Than Truck Load (LTL) company looking to improve visibility over your fleet, location technologies will increase productivity. We work with companies of all sizes helping them leverage location technology.

Hardcastle solutions can help you save upto 30 percent in operational expenses through reduction in mileage, overtime, and routing planning time.


  • GIS based Supply Chain Management
  • Vehicle Tracking System
  • Multi-Modal Visibility
  • Distribution Network Optimization
  • Optimum Route Analysis
  • Road Network Analysis
  • Shortest Route Analysis
  • Indoor Route Tracking
  • Assets Tracking
  • Scheduling , Dispatch and Routing Management


  • Vehilce Tracking System
  • Supply Chain Management
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