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In today's world when the competition is cut throat and every company is looking for cost cutting methods to minimize losses in the field of fleet operation, the lack of driver and vehicle visibility is a great disadvantage of unsuccessful fleet management.

H-Track is product from Hardcastle GIS Solutions which provides location-based solutions and services that track or monitor moving objects such as trucks, luxury bus, containers, ambulances, fire brigade units etc suing Global positioning system (GPS) and GPRS (General Pack Radio Service) H-Track is an integrated hardware/software wireless solution designed to track and monitor mobile clients such as security vehicles, commercial trucks and field service vehicles. Hardcastle vehicles tracker enables for on-line / off-line tracking of vehicles and store, represent, display data of moving objects which is then transmitted to the vehicle tracking server via wireless networks. Hardcastle Vehicle Tracking System provides near to real-time services for tracking vehicle through desktop based and dynamic web based indexing for moving objects. It consists of two major components-Vehicle tracking unit (receiver) and Vehicle tracking system portal which will be maintained at the control room.


The architecture of H-Track involves GPRS & GPS integrated devices for identifying the location and transferring data between the vehicle and the web server. H-Track unit is discreetly kept in pocket (Personal Tracker) or installed inside the vehicle (Vehicle unit). The GPS device over the moving vehicle calculates the location, speed, and date and time information.

H-Track unit process the location data & transmit it via GPRS communication network the web server and from there it is accessed by the call centre or the user on his PC or mobile phone. The GPRS again removes the cost of infrastructure and because here we use the existing cellular networks. The transmitted information is sent to a mapping engine that plots the live route of the vehicle on a digital map.

This system is of great value to the fleet managers because it enables them to view real time location of the vehicles by looking at the area map on his PC / mobile phone. A fleet manager may also take control of the fleet through geofencing (by demarcating specific geographical area for a vehicle on the computer screen) and if the vehicle violates the defined route, he can stop the vehicle from moving. Information retrieved about the actual operation of the fleet is summarized through system generated reports that should help in improving management decisions for cost reduction and increased profitability of the business.

On the other hand, the personal tracker is of immense help in the personal security of an individual as through it, the actual movements of an individual may be viewed in the area map on a PC / mobile phone.


We use GPS-TK118 satellite positioning tracker This tracker is a multi-functional GPS satellite positioning tracker device which can be applied to cars, electro cars, special vehicles, motorcycle and other vehicles. Wide scope power from 9V to 24V can be used to install. This product is small-sized and easy to carry, High sensitivity GPS and GSM module inbuilt, to make monitoring come true by sending messages or GPRS transmit the monitoring position to monitored platform or mobile phone.


General Features:

  • Satellite tracking (GPS)
  • Stolen vehicle recovery
  • Over-speeding alert
  • Geo fence
  • Park fence alert
  • Built-in flash memory
  • SMS interface
  • Web interface
  • Hidden microphone to listen to conversations in vehicle
  • Customized reports

Reporting Features:

  • Distance report
  • Speed report
  • Trip report
  • Geo fence report
  • Park fence report
  • Top speed report
  • Vehicle idling report
  • Vehicle stationary report

Alerting Features:

  • Movement alert
  • Speed alert
  • Geo fence alert
  • Park fence alert
  • Top speed alert

Communication network:

  • Satellite to GPS device
  • GPS device to GPRS tower via SIM card
  • GPRS tower to web portal


  • It uses mainly use Google Maps which have excellent street level coverage for most part of the globe. Their coverage is rapidly increasing and they also regularly update their imagery.
  • Reducing running overheads and increasing profitability of the organization.
  • The GPS receiver comes with an Alarm/ SOS systems, which can be mounted on the vehicles.
  • Improving the efficiency of vehicle-based commercial operations.
  • Assisting organizations in managing their mobile clients.
  • Manage a fleet of vehicle by gaining control of travel records and time.
  • H-Track eliminates the time-consuming task of manually completing mileage logs, trying to track down missing data or verify hand-written information.
  • Help to manage fuel consumption, velocity, vehicle positioning.
  • Help to Increase on time performance.


This provides interactive and real time tracking using maps. These reports and real time data can see seen on website through PC or on smart phones.

  • Fleet Summary Report
  • History Report
  • Start-End Report
  • Speed Report
  • Latest Location report
  • Engine Run time report (Work hour Report)
  • Travel Distance Report
  • Traveled Distance By Date
  • Speed Monitor Report
  • POI (point of interest) History Report
  • Stoppage Report
  • Geo fence Report
  • Alert Report
  • Travelling Report (with Poi)
  • Input History Report By Date
  • Input History Report
  • History path
  • History path with point of interest
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