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A 360 virtual reality tour is created with 360 degree panoramas, which shows 360 degree field of view of the virtual place. It consists of 360 degree panoramas, tour templates, and various tour components like hotspots, radars and Google/bing maps.

  • Interactive/Dynamic Map: The map in the upper left panel has imbedded hot-buttons. When you click on one of these hot-buttons, it will launch the image taken at that location.
  • Map Radar View: As the image rotates a visual telescope reference is illustrated on the map relating to the direction the image is facing. This provides the viewer with a strong sense of orientation and awareness of what and viewing and where they are within the tour.
  • Thumbnail Images Box: A set of thumbnails images of the photographs can be incorporated into the interface to give the visitor an added navigational choice. The visitor can scroll through the thumbnails and click on an image to launch that photo within the tour.
  • Web Page Links: Text links can be incorporated with the tour to launch other web-site pages or locations.
  • Immersive 360 X 180 Degree Photographs: A large photo in the right panel can be panned all the way around and tilted straight up or down. You can move the image around by simply holding down the left mouse button while the curser is inside the photo, and then drag the mouse around. When tilted straight down you will see a company logo incorporated within the image.
  • Imbedded Hot-Buttons Within the Photos: You will see arrows within the photograph that when clicked, will launch you to another area of the tour. A smooth dissolve will be observed as a transition between images.
  • Navigation Bar: A row of buttons to help navigate within the photograph; zoom, pan, tilt and "Auto Play".
  • Image Title Box: Below the Navigation Panel is the Title Box with the name of the photograph presented. By clicking the down arrow you will activate the drop-down menu reveling a list of the photos within the tour. You can then scroll down to review the image titles and click on a title to launch that photo.
  • Image Text Box: Below the Navigation Bar and Image Title Box is an area reserved for a description of the image. If more text is added than can fit within the box, a scroll bar appears and becomes active.
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