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The Project involves the Desktop based analysis on a Chakan area in Pune to find out whether Tuberculosis cases formed clusters in the area under study.

  • Were able to measures the degree of clustering for different distances.
  • Created maps for the above analysis.
  • For instance the below map is based on the analysis of Tuberculosis cases based on type of bacteria causing the disease.

Based on the analysis we were able to determine the below: -

A. All TB cases
  • Is there spatial clustering of Tuberculosis cases?
  • How many clusters are seen, where?
  • Is there any temporal clustering?
  • What is the variance to mean ratio for each cluster?
B. By genotype/Strain ID
  • Is there spatial clustering by genotypes?
  • How many clusters are seen by genotypes?
  • Is there any temporal clustering by genotype?
  • What is the variance to mean ratio of each cluster?
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