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Middle East has initiated the development of Detailed Master Plan (DMP) to guide the development of the Community Area of Middle East. This DMP is currently being used in the expansion and development of the town. The development, driven by rapid industrial growth includes complete infrastructure and a diversified, cohesive community. Objectives of Road Transport Master Plan: The Transport Master Plan aims to develop a multimodal transportation system that:

  • Serves existing, proposed and future developments with an efficient, safe, attractive road network and public transportation system.
  • Promotes econoMiddle East development of the country through the efficient, effective movement of goods and people.
  • Minimizes the adverse econoMiddle East, social and environmental impacts of the existing dominated transportation system.
  • Promotes the use of public transportation, alternative modes of travel, travel demand management and transportation system management.
  • Provides a system of safe and efficient footpaths and bicycle routes for pedestrians and cyclists.
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